WenRug Public Beta Launch!

3 min readJun 3, 2022


The WenRug Tournament #1 has begun! Running between June 1st and ending June 8th, at 12 pm CST, join the contest at beta.WenRug.com

Overview of WenRug and PINT:

WenRug is a crash game owned and built by the PINT DAO. While currently in the beta stage and only playable with free test tokens, once the game goes live with real deposits, all fees earned by the game will be accumulated by the DAO treasury to be used or distributed as directed by community governance.

WenRug Beta Tournaments

During this initial beta period there are a series of contests going on to engage PINT’s community, market the WenRug to the wider crypto enthusiast and gaming community, and fully playtest the game before it goes live with real deposits. Each tournament period has a number of prizes for winners and runner ups: $2,000 cash prize for the winner of the first tournament, $5000 for the second, and then $10,000 for the first place winner of the third and final tournament. Runners-up will win additional prizes such as PINT tokens, NFTs from popular collections, and the chance at a rare WenRug utility NFT.

Beta.WenRug.com. Join the tournament today!

Tournament rules

When you connect your web3 wallet (Metamask being our players’ most popular choice) to beta.WenRug.com, you automatically receive 100,000 test tokens to use in the game. Play and win your way to the top of the leaderboard to win cash prizes at the end of each week-long tournament! Players’ balances will be reset before the beginning of each new tournament for a fresh start at a new (and larger) prize. Did you crush it in one of the rounds? We will have an overall champion that has the highest combined total of all 3 rounds that will win a WenRug utility NFT.

Don’t worry, if you blow up your account just spin up a new account in your Metamask wallet, receive a new allotment of 100,000 test tokens, and try again! However, spinning up new accounts en masse for the purpose of gaming the contest to win the prize is against the spirit of the tournament and will result in being removed from prize eligibility. The team will review the game history of all winners and award the prize to the player next in line according to our discretion.

Upcoming for WenRug:

While the base functionality and game mechanics of WenRug are live for the beta period, we have a lot of features and improvements queued up to be added to WenRug throughout the end of the year. A sampling of what the dev team has planned for players is as follows:

  • Referral Links: (these are imminent!) Have friends signup on your referral code and receive a portion of their winnings or receive fee discounts upon hitting certain referral thresholds.
  • Hotstreaks: Get a bonus multiplier for hitting numerous 2xs in a row, playing multiple consecutive days, and more.
  • Achievement Badges: Did you lose 90% of your balance, all-in on a yolo play and make it all back? Show off your achievements through account badges.
  • Weekly tournaments: Building on the popularity of our beta launch tournaments, we have additional tournaments planned post-launch to keep players engaged and rewarded for outperforming their fellow players.
  • Clans: Bring your friend-group into WenRug and fight against other clans in week-long tournaments to see what clan can win the most and claim the top spot.

Try out beta.WenRug.com today and compete for cash prizes with zero investment or risk required.




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