Time to get your seat at the Pub

Pub Finance is your new home for yield farming. Drop in, slide up to the bar, and start farming a high yield token in a safe and comfortable environment. In contrast to 95% of the yield farming projects previously launched, we have worked hard to make PUB’s launch and farming process as fair as possible. This means:

  • Pre-staking PUB has been enabled, avoiding a ninja launch.
  • The MINT function is INACCESSIBLE, meaning that the developers can never insta’mint more tokens for themselves.
  • PUB has ZERO developer premine.
  • 100% of PUB’s distribution goes to farmers, with ZERO developer tax.
  • PUB has ZERO hidden pools

As a final gesture to align the development team’s motives with the longevity of the project, in lieu of a developer tax .5% of all LP tokens staked on the platform will be collected and used to verifiably buy PUB off the market and sent to a public burn address. This deflationary mechanism will balance out PUB’s high inflation distribution method.

Following our launch we will be pursuing a third-party audit to publicly verify these details, to ensure that PUB farmers can farm with peace of mind. If there are any third parties that want to audit the code in the meantime, they are welcome to do so

PUB tokens are a governance token that carry zero intrinsic value. These tokens are algorithmically distributed in proportion to the value one provides to the platform, through providing liquidity on select Uniswap markets and staking those LP tokens on Pub.Finance. Following the release of PUB’s governance portal, PUB tokens will give owners a voice in the future direction and development of the project.

PUB has not been audited by a third party audit company. The development team did their utmost to ensure that PUB is free of any bugs and exploits, but they assume no responsibility for losses incurred. Individuals interact with pub.finance at their own risk. Community audits are welcomed.

A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.