State of the Pub Address:

2021’s first quarter was a quiet one for PINT. The development team have had their heads down working hard on building out Wen Rug — development is well underway! Our thanks goes out to the PINT Champagne Room who have been diligently playtesting the crash game, jumping on to test and bug report every time a new update is pushed out.

The rest of the year is going to be as noisy for PINT as Q1 was quiet. Let’s look ahead at what we can expect for the project throughout the rest of the year:


With the launch of the new website, PINT will be primed and ready for some concentrated marketing efforts. We are laying the groundwork for these promotions now so that we can push hard to get as many eyes on PINT’s new website as possible come the end of the month. PINT has a lot to offer, we’re excited to finally show it off!


In order to meet our “beginning of summer” deadline for Wen Rug’s launch, we are currently interviewing a couple UI firms, looking for the best fit for who can design and implement a super sharp front end for Wen Rug. Outsourcing this means our team can stay completely focused upon the crash game engine, and so launch Wen Rug all the sooner. A compelling and engaging UI will be one of Wen Rug’s greatest strengths, so we want to do it right!


User fees from Wen Rug will be paid out to PINT stakers (locked up supply), Liquidity providers (locked up supply and added liquidity), and towards purchasing PINT off the market for burning (market buys and supply reduction). These three elements are expected to push PINT into an active state of deflation, where supply is steadily being chipped away at while demand is incentivized to grow.

PINT’s virtuous cycle.

Since the Governance Fund holds and stakes PINT, it will also begin to accumulate ETH from Wen Rug fee payouts to stakers. The steady growth of the fund will support the team’s new focuses going forward, of the following:

  1. Active marketing for Wen Rug.
  2. QoL improvements and additional features to keep improving Wen Rug.
  3. Defi partnerships, integrations, and new exchange listings for PINT.

We are humbled by the opportunity to foster PINT into a fully-fledged defi project, and look forward to this coming to fruition over the next few months. Lots of work has gone into getting us to this point, but we are finally in the home stretch! Thank you for being along for the ride. Skol.



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A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.