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We are working on a new website for This has been a long-time coming, and was delayed due to several issues with the hired developers. These issues are now behind us, and we are pushing hard to have a new site live by the end of this month (April).


Wen Rug is expected to be complete and ready to go live at the beginning of Q3. Our backend development team is doing a smashing job building out the crash game from the ground up, and we have a team of auditors already committed to reviewing all the smart contracts and code once completed.


By Q4 we expect Wen Rug to already have been live for a couple of months, and many of the launch kinks to be worked out. By this point the whole ecosystem should be working together in the designed virtuous cycle.

PINT’s virtuous cycle.
  1. Active marketing for Wen Rug.
  2. QoL improvements and additional features to keep improving Wen Rug.
  3. Defi partnerships, integrations, and new exchange listings for PINT.



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A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.