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4 min readSep 10, 2021


We’re excited to bring our Q3 update to you which will not disappoint! Take a look at some sneak peeks of the WenRug interface, learn about our new hire, discover PINT farming, and more!

Alpha screenshot, showing the “Classic” gameplay layout


Our developers have continued to make steady progress on WenRug. They’ve been hard at work implementing the new design and building out the supplementary, but necessary, pages of the website (Account, Game History, Leaderboard, Deposit Page, etc). The last several weeks of progress have been pushed out to the private alpha staging site for testing and review by PINT’s VIP group. WenRug has come a long way from its last iteration and we are excited to share it!

Alpha screenshot, showing the leaderboard page

New Hires

PINT is hiring! Since its inception, PINT has flown comparatively under the radar; the developers and community content to build away quietly. Yet during this time PINT’s warchest has continued to grow and the community is eager to start leveraging these funds to start advancing PINT. The time has come to start making some noise and reveal what PINT and WenRug have to offer to the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem and the world. Because of this the community just recently hired a Community Growth Manager to focus upon PINT’s branding, marketing, community growth, and help with industry integrations and partnerships. Welcome to the team, Outragedhuman!

Additionally we are looking to hire additional developers to help advance progress on all aspects of PINT and WenRug. If this is you, or you know competent programmers looking to work on an up and coming DeFi project, stop by our Telegram community and let us know.

Alpha screenshot, showing the homepage.

Investment Opportunities

The PINT team has been working with key individuals in our community to craft a pitch deck to get PINT in front of the eyes of VCs and notable value investors. The goal is to raise additional funding to accelerate development of WenRug, cultivate partnerships that propel PINT forward, and foster innovation for WenRug’s on-chain future.

Public Beta / Grand Opening

As mentioned above, WenRug has come a long way over the past several weeks and here at PINT we are excited to finally show her off to the wider crypto community. Planning is currently underway to transition from the current alpha state to an open-beta launch before the end of the year. During the first phase of the public beta, WenRug will be playable with test tokens rather than actual ETH. However, to increase the stakes of playing with test tokens, we will be launching a widespread promotion campaign featuring referral links and an active leaderboard, with significant prizes on the line for players who rise to the top. Prize pots of PINT, ETH, and custom NFTs will be up for grabs!


PINT is still being generated via the farm that users can participate in when they provide PINT/ETH liquidity on Uniswap v2. Learn how to participate using the guide on twitter. Join the Telegram if something is unclear, or if you have additional questions which the guide doesn’t address.

There are less than 1 million PINT remaining to be distributed, so don’t miss out!

Screenshot from the farming page

Meme Contest

Nathan (Outragedhuman) is currently working on a set of rules for an upcoming meme contest. More details will follow, but expect PINT to be rewarded to some of the best meme creators! Further announcements regarding this will be published on Twitter and in Telegram.

Stay tuned for new developments and follow us on Twitter for the latest information!





A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.