Pub.Finance Governance

Pub.Finance’s governance portal is now live! PINT has integrated with, and PINT’s governance page can be found here:

By using, members of the PINT community can create and vote upon proposals guiding the direction of Pub.Finance development, use of the Community Governance Fund, and even direct the development team to upgrade PINT’s token economics and deflationary mechanisms.

In order to create a new Snapshot proposal for PINT governance, one must hold at least 50,000 PINT in their wallet. Voting weight is calculated based off a wallet’s PINT balance —No custody is taken of any coins and there is no lockup period, but rather a “snapshot” (hence the name) is taken of each voting wallet’s balance, and the result that receives a higher weight of snapshotted PINT by the end of the voting window passes.

PINT’s first vote is already live!

While the development team aims to use Snapshot to seek out community consensus regarding our personal vision for Pub.Finance, this is ultimately “community governance,” and we look forward to many new innovative ideas and proposals coming from within the PINT community.



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