PINT: 2021

3 min readJan 11, 2021

This new year will bring a lot of exciting progress and development to Pub.Finance and the PINT token. Below are some updates from the team about what you can expect going into 2021.


Following an extensive search, several interviews, and a community governance vote via Snapshot, we hired Alloz, the newest developer for the Pub.Finance team. Alloz has worked in crypto for several years and will be heading up the development of Pub.Finance’s flagship product–When Rug–a crash game, fully gamified with hot streaks, achievement badges, and more. We are building the game from the ground up and our current expectation is to have an alpha launch live by the middle of February — this will be open to team members and some of our closer community members from the VIP Champagne Room, for testing purposes before we launch the open beta.

Additionally, we are in the process of hiring a web developer to create a new website for Pub.Finance. Internal discussions and negotiations are wrapping up, and the potential hire will soon go up for a community vote on Snapshot. Pub.Finance’s current website is a carry over from the “farming” days, and no longer accurately reflects the project’s direction or ethos. Alongside a considerable facelift, the new website will contain a wealth of data, graphs, and information, all of interest to PINT token holders and investors; average PINT deflation rates, growth of the governance wallet, user growth and volume on When Rug, estimated APY’s for PINT stakers, and the percentage of PINT’s marketcap locked up in stakes, are several examples of what you can expect to see.

When Rug:

We are excited to see When Rug take shape and have no doubt that the community will share that excitement as we roll out the alpha launch. The design mechanics behind the game are inherently sticky and our team has been brainstorming for months how best to amplify these elements with additional features and improved design.

The team is in full agreement that 100% of the user fees generated through When Rug (and all future Pub.Finance projects) should go into the Community Governance Wallet, to then be used at the behest of the community proposals. The money in the fund can be held in place to simply accumulate and grow, which naturally sets a (theoretical) rising floor on the price of PINT. Alternatively, community proposals can be put forth to distribute the funds as bonus staking rewards to encourage liquidity on the market, used to hire additional developers, for PINT buy-backs/burns on the market, or really anything that the community thinks would drive the project forward.


Thus far we have not expended a lot of money or effort on marketing for PINT, as the team’s focus has been upon building out our foundation. However, as we approach the alpha launch of When Rug, and the development of our new website, it now makes sense to create more of a public presence and awareness for Pub.Finance and the PINT token. In the coming weeks and months you can expect to see heightened efforts and campaigns to increase the size of the PINT Twitter and Telegram communities, expand our wallet numbers, improve liquidity on the PINT uniswap market, and provide additional benefits for the Champagne Room. And naturally, a large marketing push will go into making sure When Rug’s open beta launch is a success.


The PINT Community Governance Wallet can be tracked here: In the coming weeks these funds will be moved to a multi-sig wallet to increase security and simply follow best practices. After paying our new developer Alloz in accordance with the passed governance vote, the wallet currently holds ~$20,000 worth of ETH and stablecoins. The majority of these funds were accumulated early on during PINT’s farming period, and are expected to hold us over until When Rug begins generating income for the Governance Wallet.

Additionally, the Governance Wallet holds ~650,000 PINT. 500,000 of these were recently donated by a couple long-time PINT supporters who have both been farming PINT since the outset, and wanted to reinvest in PINT’s success. We and the whole community appreciate their support!


2021 should be a bright year for Pub.Finance and the PINT token. Things are beginning to take shape, and our team is excited to wake up every day and push the project forward. Expect additional updates from the PINT team over the coming months, including more details about When Rug, and some sneak peeks of the alpha. Cheers!




A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.