History of the Project

We’re excited to bring our Q3 update to you which will not disappoint! Take a look at some sneak peeks of the WenRug interface, learn about our new hire, discover PINT farming, and more!

Alpha screenshot, showing the “Classic” gameplay layout


This new year will bring a lot of exciting progress and development to Pub.Finance and the PINT token. Below are some updates from the team about what you can expect going into 2021.


Everything you need to know about today’s PUB token upgrade:

The Pub.Finance team is excited to officially announce PUB.Finance’s Symbiosis upgrade.

SYMBOSIS: After reviewing the latest in tokenomic designs, tapping into the innovations pioneered by coins such as CORE and many others, and brainstorming with our VIP community channel (the Champagne Lounge), we are excited to publicly reveal the next…

Pub.finance launched successfully three days ago. The development team launched Pub with as fair a methodology as we knew how: zero developer premine, zero developer tax on minting rewards, and we pre-announced the launch with 12 hours of prestaking to avoid a ninja’launch and a dev insta’mine.

There are hundreds…


A crashgame website where the owners are the holders of PINT tokens! Our flagship product, WenRug launches Q4 2021.

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